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Having a vasectomy doesn’t have to mean the end of your fertility if you end up regretting your decision. The Y Factor in Houston, Tomball, and Webster, Texas, is one of the few reproductive medicine and urology practices in the Greater Houston area that performs the specialized microsurgery to reverse vasectomy and restore fertility. Call Russel Williams, MD, and the team to arrange your vasectomy reversal consultation.

Vasectomy Reversal Q&A

What is a vasectomy reversal?

A vasectomy reversal is a microsurgery in which your surgeon reattaches the ends of your vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm. In a successful vasectomy reversal, you have sperm in your ejaculate again six weeks after your procedure.


How does vasectomy reversal work?

While you’re under general anesthesia, your surgeon at The Y Factor creates incisions in your scrotal sack. Your surgeon uses the scar from your vasectomy as a surgery port. 

Your surgeon checks the vas deferens on the testicular side for sperm. If you have sperm in that tube, your surgeon performs a vas deferens-to-new-vas deferens connection using ultrafine sutures as thin as a single strand of your hair. 

If you’d like, your surgeon can also harvest and freeze sperm during the vasectomy reversal procedure so that you have a backup source of healthy sperm after your vasectomy reversal. Then, your provider closes the incision with dissolvable sutures.

If your surgeon doesn’t find sperm when checking the vas deferens, the vas deferens-to-new-vas deferens connection won’t work because there’s no sperm to move into the ejaculate. In this case, your surgeon must perform a more complex vas deferens-to-epididymis bypass.  


How successful is vasectomy reversal?

The main difference between the two surgical methods is the success rate. With the vas deferens-to-new-vas deferens connection, the success rate is 90%. The epididymis vasectomy reversal success rate is about 50%.


What can I expect after my vasectomy reversal?

After your vasectomy reversal, you’ll go home the same day. For the next three weeks, you’ll wear scrotal support. This brace enhances your comfort and protects the surgical site. You’ll use prescription pain medication as directed and apply ice packs to your scrotum to ease any pain you experience. 

You can shower the day after your vasectomy reversal but should rest at home for one week. You can typically resume strenuous activity, excluding sex, after a month, and in five weeks, you can ejaculate safely. At the six-week mark postprocedure, your reproductive urologist checks your fertility with a semen sample. 


What if I have a low sperm count after my vasectomy reversal?

The Y Factor team can help with options like natural testosterone enhancement, in which you boost your testosterone production to help improve your fertility. The Y Factor team can also help you increase sperm motility (movement) and other factors lowering your sperm count to improve your fertility.

Learn how you can have a successful vasectomy reversal by calling any of The Y Factor locations to book a consultation now.

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