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Many adult men choose circumcision to prevent chronic infections, improve cleanliness, relieve foreskin inflammation, or for other personal reasons. At The Y Factor in Houston, Tomball, and Webster, Texas, reproductive medicine and urology specialists offer a new in-office procedure called ShangRing circumcision. This sutureless procedure removes your excess foreskin, and you only have to wear the ring for ten days. The process is less expensive and easier than traditional adult circumcision. To learn more, call Russel Williams, MD, and the team at The Y Factor today.

No-Suture Circumcision Q & A

Why should adults consider circumcision?

There are many different reasons why men might consider circumcision, including:

  • Chronic foreskin inflammation
  • Painfully tight foreskin
  • Chronic foreskin infections
  • Difficulty keeping penis clean

Sometimes, it’s not a medical necessity but more of a personal choice. If you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your penis and always wished that you were circumcised, it’s not too late to pursue adult circumcision at The Y Factor.


How does outpatient adult circumcision work?

Your doctor at The Y Factor applies skin numbing cream, followed by a local penile nerve block. Then, your doctor places the ShangRing. Your foreskin goes between two rings, and your doctor closes the rings securely. 

The ShangRing removes the excess foreskin. You’ll wear the ring for ten days in total. Patients describe the procedure as minimal pain, with an intensity of around 1-3 out of 10.


How is ShangRing better than traditional circumcision methods?

ShangRing offers some significant advantages over traditional adult circumcision. It’s much less invasive, and your doctor performs it onsite at The Y Factor. 

You don’t need general anesthesia as you would with a traditional circumcision, and you don’t even need stitches afterward. The incision line is very subtle, too. Finally, ShangRing circumcision is cheaper than conventional circumcision. 


Am I a candidate for adult circumcision?

Most men who want or need adult circumcision are good candidates for the ShangRing procedure. If ShangRing isn't the right option for you, The Y Factor team can discuss your alternatives.


What can I expect after an adult circumcision?

You can expect pain for the first ten days, but you’ll have prescription pain medicine to help during this time. After the ten days, your pain recedes dramatically. You can resume sexual intercourse eight weeks after your ShangRing procedure.


Will I lose sensation in my penis after an adult circumcision?

The Y Factor team includes leading male reproductive medicine and urology experts who have studied adult circumcision extensively. Through their research, they’ve concluded that male sexual pleasure is unchanged after adult circumcision.

If you want to learn more about today’s most minimally invasive outpatient adult circumcision option, call any of The Y Factor offices for more information.

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