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When you need a vasectomy, it’s best to trust the experts for reliable results. The Y Factor in Houston, Tomball, and Webster, Texas, performs 5-15 no-needle-no-scalpel vasectomies every day, and the surgeon has performed over 15,000 vasectomies in total. In some cases, you can have the consultation and the procedure on the same day at The Y Factor. Call Russel Williams, MD, and the team at the office nearest you to arrange your consultation now.

No-Needle Vasectomy Q & A

What is the vasectomy procedure like?

The Y Factor performs your no-scalpel-no-needle vasectomy after numbing your scrotal area with an anesthetic spray. Your surgeon then creates the opening on the front of your scrotum. 

Your provider places tiny, v-shaped clips against your vas deferens to inhibit sperm flow, and your body gradually creates a cap to keep it in place.

You may feel some mild pressure during the vasectomy, but most patients feel discomfort levels of 1-2 on a scale of 10. The discomfort lasts for less than a minute.

If you’re nervous about your vasectomy, you can get nitrous oxide or valium sedation to help you relax. If you opt for heavier sedation, you will need someone to pick you up after your vasectomy. The procedure takes just 15 minutes.


Will I need pain medication following my vasectomy?

For 99% of vasectomy patients, over-the-counter Tylenol® is the only pain reliever needed following the procedure. 


How long until I can resume sex after my vasectomy?

Most men who receive a vasectomy at The Y Factor can resume sexual activity 7-10 days after their vasectomy. Your provider will give you a more accurate timeline based on your specific health situation.


When do I get my sperm tested after my vasectomy?

You’ll have two sperm checks after your vasectomy, one at eight weeks and the other at ten weeks. It’s vital to continue using birth control as usual until your urologist tells you that your sperm count is zero. 

You don’t even have to come back to The Y Factor after your vasectomy. At the time of your procedure, a team member gives you sample cups and a lab order slip. Then, you can drop your semen sample at the lab at the appropriate times. Within 5-7 days of leaving your sample at the lab, a member of The Y Factor team contacts you with results. 

A vasectomy is a reliable, safe, and fast procedure with no downtime. If you’re ready to take control to ensure that you won’t have future children, this procedure could be right for you. Call the office nearest you to schedule your vasectomy now.

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