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Genital Pain Specialist

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You may have genital pain for several different reasons. The most common causes for this form of pain are related to issues with your prostate, bladder, or testicles. At The Y Factor in Houston, Tomball, and Webster, Texas, the dedicated urology specialists offer diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care for genital pain. Call The Y Factor office closest to you to book your appointment with Russel Williams, MD, and the team.

Genital Pain Q&A

What types of genital pain can men experience?

Men can have several different types of genital pain, with the most common being:

  • Prostate 
  • Bladder 
  • Testicle
  • Groin
  • Penis

Each type of pain can have different causes, but the vital thing to know is that genital discomfort is treatable. 


How is genital pain diagnosed?

The Y Factor urology specialists carefully analyze your symptoms and perform a physical exam to try to reproduce the pain if you’re not currently experiencing it. You’ll typically have laboratory testing to uncover any underlying abnormalities. You may also need a minimally invasive diagnostic study procedure so your urologist can check for the cause of your genital pain.


What caused my genital pain?

The cause is usually different for each specific area.

Bladder pain

Pain in the bladder is generally triggered by bladder wall inflammation or obstruction of your urinary flow. 

Prostate pain

Prostate pain is typically tied to inflammation or infection of your prostate gland. 

Groin pain

Groin pain is often caused by a hernia, which is a bulging of intestine through your abdominal wall. It can also be caused by a varicocele, varicose veins in your scrotum. Other possible causes include trapped nerves or granulomas, which are benign tissue growths triggered by inflammation.

Testicle pain

Testicle pain may be caused by infection within your testicular ducts, twisted testicles, or a cyst within a testicular duct. 

There are other possible causes, but in most cases, genital pain has a very treatable cause. 


Is genital pain a sign of cancer?

Usually, it’s not, so try not to panic. Cancers of the male urological system rarely start with genital pain. Bladder cancer usually begins with a burning sensation when you urinate, and testicular cancer commonly occurs as a dull achy feeling in the affected testicle. Prostate cancer rarely causes pain in its early form but may cause changes in urination.


How is genital pain treated?

The Y Factor specialists treat the root cause of your pain rather than just addressing your symptoms. The exact genital pain solution depends on what caused the problem, but treatment often includes oral medication to eliminate infection, reduce inflammation, or shrink your prostate gland to relieve urinary obstructions. If conservative measures aren’t helpful, you might need surgery. 

The Y Factor team can help you overcome genital pain, so don’t hesitate to reach out for relief by phone now.