What to Expect as a New Patient


What to Expect as a New Patient?

The Y Factor specializes in male-specific health needs. These needs change as patients mature, meaning annual appointments are beneficial for continued optimal health. Our goal is to help patients lead vital, healthy lives. The Y Factor’s Annual Urological Wellness Exam can be compared to a yearly gynecological checkup for women. In this respect, an annual visit to maintain a man’s overall health is highly recommended.

Your annual exam will consist of a physical examination and laboratory testing. We will test for future male-specific conditions, including: sexual dysfunctiontestosterone declinefertility problems, genital cancers, and sexually transmitted diseases. We will also monitor blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

All patients have the option of setting up a secure patient portal as a means of communication with our office. Lab results and important messages can be relayed electronically. This portal is also used as a vehicle for patient refill requests, appointment requests, or questions. Personnel are also always available by phone for any communication.



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