What Can You Do About Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction occurs often among men. It can take many forms, depending on the specific cause. Sexual dysfunction is described as any problem that prevents you from feeling satisfaction during sex. It can happen to anyone, but it typically occurs more often as you age. Sexual desire in men is complex, and many factors contribute to a healthy sex life. 

The Y Factor Men’s Urological Wellness, led by founder and medical director Dr. Russel Williams, has specialized in men’s health for over 20 years. We’ve treated numerous cases of sexual dysfunction, and our team is dedicated to providing you the best treatment for your health needs.

Different kinds of sexual dysfunction 

Sexual dysfunction can take many forms. The problem may be physical or psychological. Here are some of the most common kinds of sexual dysfunction. 

Erectile dysfunction 

One common kind of sexual dysfunction is erectile dysfunction. It occurs when you’re unable to achieve or maintain an erection during intercourse. Erectile dysfunction may occur due to circulatory issues, a nerve disorder, an injury, or the result of certain medications. 

Ejaculation disorders

An ejaculation disorder typically refers to premature ejaculation. This occurs when you ejaculate before or immediately after penetration. Among other factors, it is often caused by performance anxiety. 

Impaired ejaculation

Impaired ejaculation occurs when you’re unable to ejaculate during intercourse all together. This can be due to retrograde ejaculation, a condition where the semen travels back to the bladder. This usually occurs if you have diabetes, spinal cord injuries, or certain surgical operations. 

Lack of sexual desire

In men, lack of sexual desire typically occurs because of low testosterone, which causes your libido to decrease and make sexual activity less pleasurable. 

Common causes

Other common causes across various kinds of sexual dysfunction include:

How do you know you have sexual dysfunction?

If you experience a constant lack of desire, arousal, problems orgasming, or experience pain during intercourse, make an appointment with us. Dr Williams discusses your symptoms in detail with you, so be prepared to disclose the specifics of your condition and a complete medical history. He begins his physical exam by examining your genitals, then takes blood tests to check your blood sugar, cholesterol, and testosterone levels. 

If we can’t find a physical cause, your condition may have a psychological cause. Psychological issues also play a significant role in sexual dysfunction. This can often coincide with issues in the relationship, stress, or self-esteem. Our team at The Y Factor doesn’t provide psychological services, but we can refer you to the right place if this is the case. 


Once you know you have a sexual dysfunction, we can help you fix it. Some of the most common treatment options are: 

If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, a condition where scar tissue grows on one side of your penis, you may need surgery. 

Things you can do

Don’t wait too long. The longer you live with sexual dysfunction, the more stress and anxiety it can cause you and your partner. Seeking treatment for your condition early can help you minimize the problem. 

Practice open communication. Communicating your symptoms with your partner and your urologist is important. If sexual dysfunction stems from your relationship with your partner, you can discuss the matter with them to come to a solution. 

Reduce your consumption of drugs and alcohol. Excess consumption of these substances can lead to sexual dysfunction. 

Improve your diet. A healthy diet can go a long way to help you overcome your problems in the bedroom. 

If you suffer from sexual dysfunction, book an appointment with us The Y Factor by calling one of our three offices.

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