The Common Desire and Hesitation of Vasectomies

Vasectomies are one of the safest, most effective means of birth control. For this reason, vasectomies are a great option for couples who don’t want to have children, or don’t want to have anymore children. It’s very common for men to come to our office interested in having a vasectomy, but the idea of having needles and scalpels in such a sensitive area puts many men off. Luckily, we have a better solution!

At The Y Factor, our approach is less invasive, and less painful compared to the normal vasectomy procedure. Our no-scalpel, no needle approach is a 10 minute in-office procedure that requires no incision under local anesthesia. The procedure may cause some mild pressure, but patients rate their discomfort in the 1-2 range. This discomfort lasts about sixty seconds. 

Patients are able to return to work 24-36 hours after the procedure with the following restrictions:

If you would like more information about vasectomy procedures, or you would like to schedule your initial consultation, please contact our office.

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