The Advantages of Vasectomies for Birth Control

Each year in the United States, approximately 500,000 men undergo a vasectomy, which is a relatively simple procedure that delivers great benefits, not the least of which is preventing unwanted pregnancy.

At The Y Factor: Men's Urological Wellness & Fertility, the team of vasectomy specialists, led by Dr. Russel Williams, performs 5-15 no-needle-no-scalpel vasectomies every day. With 15,000 total vasectomies and counting, our team has the experience and training you need to take charge of your family planning.

Here’s a look at just a few of the many benefits of a vasectomy.

No scalpel, no needles

If the thought of undergoing a surgical procedure concerns you, the first point we’d like to make is that we offer no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomies. During this quick-and-easy in-office procedure, we create very small openings in your scrotum in order to place clips around your vas deferens to prevent sperm from mixing in with your ejaculate.

The procedure takes just 15 minutes and we use a topical anesthetic for your comfort. If you’re anxious, we can also use a heavier sedation, which means you’ll need someone to drive you home afterward.

Extremely effective

Once your vasectomy takes hold, this procedure enjoys a 99% efficacy rate in preventing pregnancy.

Be Her Hero, Go To Zero

At our practice, we believe that a vasectomy offers a great opportunity to take the burden off of women when it comes to birth control. Women’s birth control options are varied, but many come with unwanted side effects or greater risks. For example, hormonal solutions are systemic and may alter a woman’s body in unwelcome ways. Also, surgical solutions for sterilization on the woman’s side — typically a tubal ligation — are more complex and carry more risk.

Conversely, a vasectomy carries little risk, and there are no side effects for men moving forward. 

Ultimately, a vasectomy offers you a chance to be her hero by going to zero, which is a reference to the absence of sperm.

A reversible solution

There are many decisions in life that can be overturned, which is certainly true of a vasectomy. If, for whatever reason, you want to restore your fertility, we can perform a vasectomy reversal to allow your sperm to, once again, flow freely.

Taking advantage of your benefits

This last benefit is one of timing. As we draw closer to the end of the year, you can meet your deductible or use up benefits that would otherwise be left on the table. Vasectomies are covered by most insurance companies, so why not enter the new year with a great birth control system in place?

If you’d like to learn more about a vasectomy or schedule a procedure, please contact one of our three locations in Houston, Webster, or Tomball, Texas, to set up a consultation.

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