MANday Topic- If You Are Done Having Kids, a Vasectomy is a Great Christmas Present!

How many people with September birthdays do you know? If you know a good amount, there is a logical explanation for it. There is a higher conception rate during the winter season and it is not just because of the holidays, cold weather, and parties. Scientific evidence shows that sperm production and sperm quality is at the optimal level during the winter season. A study, conducted by Levitas et al. (2013), was published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (AJOG) that aimed to compare the different sperm parameters according to season of the year on sperm production day and the season 70 days prior during spermatogenesis. A total of 6455 consecutive semen samples were collected as a part of the basic fertility evaluation of 6,447 couples. The sperm concentration and motility showed a significant decrease from spring to fall and the highest percentage of normal sperm parameters were noted during the winter season (Levitas et al., 2013). Seasonal sperm pattern seems to be a circannual-rhythmic phenomenon and is a logical explanation as to why there is a significant number of babies born during the fall season (Levitas et al., 2013).

Christmas is around the corner and if you are done having kids, a vasectomy is a great present for your loved one! Schedule your no-needle or scalpel vasectomy with The Y Factor now!

Women have OB-GYNs & Men Have The Y Factor!

Tristan Grimaldo, DNP, APRN, MHSM, FNP-BC Dr. Tristan Grimaldo is a board-certified family nurse practitioner with a clinical doctorate specializing in reproductive urology. He is the Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) and Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) for The Y Factor- Men's Urological Wellness & Fertility. He is also a professor at Texas Woman's University (TWU) in Houston, TX and teaches at the graduate level. Dr. Grimaldo was recognized and awarded as the Most Outstanding Doctoral Student of 2017 by TWU and was inducted into the honor societies Sigma Theta Tau & Epsilon Omega Epsilon. Outside of work, Dr. Grimaldo is an avid fitness junkie and enjoys lifting weights, running and playing basketball. He is also a huge car guy and appreciates anything with a motor.

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