Dr. Williams Speaks at the Convenient Care Conference

Dr. Williams was recently invited to speak on men’s health at The Future of Convenient Care and Healthcare Consumerism Conference in Philadelphia. The members of the Convenience Care Association were joined by retail health leaders and providers from all over the United States, with the goal of sharing best practices designed to promote and ensure accessible, affordable, and high-quality access to healthcare.

Dr. Williams was able to share his expertise on men’s health with industry leaders and providers from RediClinic, MinuteClinic, Walgreens HealthCare Clinic, and Optimized Care Network to name a few.

Dr. Williams’ lecture included information on the potential role of men’s health in a convenient care setting. He expanded on the importance of Urologists’ expertise in men’s health issues. As well as, how to better understand male specific needs and how to better deliver quality care to men. 

Some examples of men’s health conditions that could be checked and treated in a convenient care setting are an enlarged or infected prostate, erectile dysfunction, a UTI, low testosterone check, male fertility check, and more. 

To best diagnosis and treat male specific medical issues, men should see a specialist. Urologists are the most experienced physicians treating men’s health issues and are uniquely capable of delivering the best medicine from the correct diagnosis.

It’s no secret that men don’t like going to the doctor. Regular checks to the doctor can be even more unusual for men. In this lecture, Dr. Williams explained the importance of annual wellness checks. Serious medical conditions can be reduced or prevented if they are diagnosed and addressed while men are in their youth. At The Y Factor, we suggest that men start their annual wellness checks at the age of 20. 

Dr. Williams was honored to help industry leaders and providers for convenient care centers better understand male specific needs, and how to treat male specific issues. Our hope is for convenient care clinics to use this training to introduce new male health treatment protocols to better deliver high-quality care to men. 


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