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Are You a Candidate for Adult Circumcision?

The decision to circumcise is usually left in the hands of your parents, who, for whatever reason, may have chosen to preserve your foreskin as an infant. Now that you’re an adult, that decision may not be one that’s serving you well, which is why we offer adult circumcision.

At the Y Factor: Men’s Urological Wellness, Dr. Russell Williams and our team specialize in men’s health, and we offer a wide range of services that cater to your urological and reproductive needs. As part of our suite, we provide adult circumcision using a technique called Shang Ring, which doesn’t involve any incisions and takes us mere minutes to perform.

If you’re exploring whether adult circumcision is right for you, read on for more information.

The decision to circumcise

To get right to the question of whether you’re a candidate for adult circumcision, the short answer is that the decision is entirely up to you.

The extra skin that makes up your foreskin, which is also called your prepuce, can be problematic under certain circumstances. Many of our patients who seek adult circumcision do so for a variety of reasons, including:

Outside of the issues above, perhaps you may be seeking to remove your foreskin for cultural, religious, or social reasons.

Whatever is driving your wish to remove your foreskin, the good news is that we offer an effective and economical solution.

Circumcision with Shang Ring

If you’ve decided a circumcision is the right course of action, our goal is to do so in a way that doesn’t involve risky surgery, which is what we accomplish with the Shang Ring. The Shang Ring is a set of two rings that we place on the end of your penis, trapping the extra skin.

We perform the procedure right here in our offices and it takes us mere minutes to fit the device, at which time you’re free to go home. You wear the Shang Ring for 7-10 days and then return so that we can remove the rings and clear away the tissue. 

You will have a small area around your penis where the ring was that will then need to heal, but the wound is superficial.

Why the Shang Ring?

Not only are our patients happy with the Shang Ring procedure, but several studies have also shown that addressing adult circumcision using this technique leads to:

Another benefit of the Shang Ring procedure is that most everyone is a candidate. And if, for some reason, you may not be, rest assured that we will find another solution.

To learn more about our adult circumcision with Shang Ring, please contact one of our three locations in Houston, Tomball, or Webster, Texas, to set up an appointment.

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