Achieving Pregnancy Through Vasectomy Reversal

Dr. Williams is recognized as one of the few reproductive urologists who performs vasectomy reversals and concentrates on men’s urological wellness in the Greater Houston area.

The staff at The Y Factor is dedicated to finding the best treatment plan to the couple seeking a vasectomy reversal. We offer consultation on microsurgical vasectomy reversals and methods to increase a man’s fertility. After the procedure, your physician will develop a plan for close follow up to monitor your restored fertility.

Many couples ask us about the difference between vasectomy reversals and sperm retrievals.

Vasectomy reversals allow for natural conception, while sperm retrieval will need to be coupled with IVF treatments. Our providers will recommend the best form of treatment for pregnancy success, based on a thorough understanding of the issue and evaluation of the couple and their needs. 

Whether you choose a vasectomy reversal or sperm retrieval, The Y Factor team is here to help you every step of the way.

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